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Fast Forward

Colin Bateman, Cannibal City

Colin Bateman

Cannibal City
(Titanic 2020)

Jimmy Armstrong stowed away on the modern version of the Titanic and is now one of the only humans left in the world, the shores having been ravaged by the plague, the Red Death. The future of civilization depends on him. Muggings, murders and mutinies, cannibals, gangs and a fight for survival make for an engrossing, futuristic tale which is absolutely impossible to put down.

Hachette · 9780340944462

Emma Clayton, The Roar

Emma Clayton

The Roar

Set in a bleak future, twins Ellie and Miika live protected by a wall, which keeps the vicious plague-ridden animals in the outside world, or so they've been led to believe. Ellie's sudden, sinister disappearance and Miika's virtual reality game-playing reveal a far more horrible truth about their world and their destiny. Will they ever find each other again? What if the planet has only been saved for a chosen few?
Exciting new sci-fi writing tackling real issues of power and control through the irresistible medium of computer gaming.

Chicken House · 9781905294633

Emily Diamand, Flood Child

Emily Diamand

Flood Child

This title was formerly known as Reavers' Ransom and has now been republished as Flood Child.

In the 22nd century England is partially flooded as a result of climate change. Scotland is increasing in power and piratical, pillaging, bloodthirsty raiders threaten both lands. Add in a kidnapped Prime Minister's daughter, a talking jewel ransom and a feisty fisher-girl for an exhilarating and highly original adventure which reinvents science fiction.

Chicken House · 9781906427429

Saci Lloyd, The Carbon Diaries 2015

Saci Lloyd

The Carbon Diaries 2015Suitable for 13-14+

Imagine if England introduced carbon dioxide rationing in a last-gasp attempt to combat climate change. That's exactly what happens when global warming becomes an unstoppable reality and teenager Laura Brown keeps a diary of just what life is like for her family. This is life but not quite as we know it; cutting edge fiction with a frighteningly real feel.

Hachette · 9780340970157

Oisin McGann, Small-Minded Giants

Oisin McGann

Small-Minded Giants

When Sol's father goes missing, accused of murder, Sol is determined to find out why. As he searches he is pursued by the security services into both a violent underworld and a society of corporate corruption and killing. He stumbles too upon Ash Harbour, a sinister city with scarce resources, built in a hollowed-out mountain, part of a vast wasteland destroyed by climate change, and inhabited by Clockworkers whose frantic comings and goings generate the energy which keeps the system running smoothly. A fast and furious futuristic thriller for fans of Doctor Who with chilling Orwellian overtones.

Corgi · 9780552554732


Gemma Malley, The Resistance

Gemma Malley

The ResistanceSuitable for 13-14+

2140 and after a narrow escape in The Declaration, Peter and Anna are now living together on the Outside as Legals. Peter is a secret agent on a mission to infiltrate the Pincent Pharma Corporation owned by his unbelievably evil grandfather with whom he feigns a reconciliation to try to discover the truth about the longevity+ drugs designed to halt ageing and revolutionise society. Pincent has an agenda of his own though and means to tear Peter and Anna apart. A dark and disturbingly plausible dystopian thriller, impossible to put down.

Bloomsbury · 9780747587729

Graham Marks, Omega Place

Graham Marks

Omega PlaceSuitable for 13-14+

17 year old Paul runs away from an unhappy home life and becomes part of a secret activist group who vandalize CCTV cameras in order to alert the British public to the growing presence of this electronic 'Big Brother' watching our every move. It certainly injects some excitement into his existence but soon the police are on his trail and the activists discover some sinister secrets about their leader too. A tightly plotted, gritty and gripping urban thriller which asks timely and topical questions about the use of technology and how countries across the world really protect their citizens.

Bloomsbury · 9780747589631


Patrick Ness, The Knife of Never Letting Go

Patrick Ness

The Knife of Never Letting Go
(Chaos Walking)
Suitable for 13-14+

Todd is only one month away from his coming of age birthday in a society where everyone can hear 'the Noise' of each other's thoughts all the time. Stumbling across a solitary patch of silence, Todd knows he has no choice but to run, but his thoughts can still be constantly tracked by his pursuers, impeding his escape and racking up the tension for the reader. With disconcerting parallels to the increasingly overwhelming information overload in our own society, this is a hard-hitting, all too plausible story about the myriad of choices involved in growing up.

Walker · 9781406320756


William Nicholson, Jango

William Nicholson

(Noble Warriors)

Seeker, Morning Star and the Wildman found that not everything in the mysterious sect of the noble fighting warrior monks, the Nomana, was as it seemed. Abandoning their dreams, each leave to follow new destinies, having gained remarkable mental and physical strength. But will this strength be enough with the warlord of the Orlan nation vowing to destroy the rocky island of Anacrea and gathering his forces? Nicholson creates vast, fully realized fantasy landscapes, very different yet still utterly convincing and relevant to our own, posing big questions about the purpose of life, love, courage and friendship. This is a mindstretching, mesmerizing and compulsively readable adventure to really make you think.

Egmont · 9781405231275


David Orme

Space Plague
(Full Flight 5)
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

The cleverly conceived highly-illustrated, interactive series for reluctant readers which makes the reader himself the hero, able to control the course of the adventure. Here you have to save the human race from the terrible space plague spreading rapidly through the universe. Also available in packs of six for group reading.

Badger Publishing · 9781846911187

James Patterson, The Final Warning

James Patterson

The Final Warning
(Maximum Ride)
Audio version available

Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel are six extraordinary, genetically engineered, 98% human, 2% bird, kids with extraordinary powers. This is positively the last chance for the 'Flock'; there's a price on their heads from their ultimate enemy, the Uber-Director, but they're setting off on a high-speed chase across the South Pole on their most important mission yet to save the earth from global warming. These unpredictable, fast-paced, suspenseful reads based around an interesting and topical theme are real thrill-rides, sure to keep boys interested in reading.

Red Fox · 9780552558112



Susan Pfeffer, The Dead and the Gone

Susan Pfeffer

The Dead and the GoneSuitable for 13-14+

Tackling the same apocalyptic event as Life as We Knew It ; an asteroid hitting the moon detonating massive climate changes, this companion story moves the devastation to New York City and shows the struggle for survival through the eyes of 17-year-old Alex. Forced to be resourceful and independent beyond his years Alex also faces massive moral dilemmas. How long do you hold out hope that your parents are still alive? Who to save when food runs out? Is it ever right to rob the dead? A harrowing, haunting story which packs an emotional punch and begs the question of the reader, just what would
you do?

Marion Lloyd Books · 9781407106229

Susan Price, Odin's Son

Susan Price

Odin's Son
(Odin Trilogy)
Suitable for 13-14+

A challenging sci-fi trilogy set between Earth and Mars at a time when slavery is a fact of life and genetic design is apparent everywhere. Following the death of his mother Gift becomes obsessed by tracking down his real father and has to turn to the god Odin for some answers to his very strange inheritance in this gripping, mind-stretching read from a fabulous storyteller.

Simon & Schuster · 9781416904465

Neal Shusterman, Unwind

Neal Shusterman

UnwindSuitable for 13-14+

Three children with only one thing in common; parents conspiring to have them unwound during their teenage years, donating every part of them to the highest bidder. In an age of retrospective abortion the teenagers have only a limited time to make their escape. This chillingly imagined, all too believable, futuristic thriller will challenge the way you think about life and its importance, haunting you long after the final page.

Simon & Schuster · 9781847382313


Scott Westerfeld, Extras

Scott Westerfeld

ExtrasSuitable for 13-14+

An extra to the futuristic Uglies trilogy, this thought-provoking tale is set in a city where your fame rank determines who you are. Life there is all about who you know and what you have. Getting noticed and being talked about is everyone's number one priority, making this a cutting commentary on celebrity, appearance and the media, an all too plausible future vision. Fast-paced action, extreme sports, technogadgets and love interest make it a truly gripping read too.

Simon & Schuster · 9781847381262


Jonny Zucker

Evil Brain Chips
(Full Flight 5)
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Imagine a world where babies have microchips in their brains which can be controlled by the evil President Fader. Can the Free Ones ever put a stop to his reign of terror? An addictive and accessible graphic novel adventure from the Full Flight 5 series for struggling readers.

Badger Publishing · 9781846911279

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