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L Brittney, Traitor's Gold

L Brittney

Traitor's Gold
(Nathan Fox)

Second in a stunningly original series set in Elizabethan London starring undercover agent Nathan Fox and a sprinkling of Shakespeare's characters. Now highly skilled and recently returned from Venice, Nathan is dispatched to the Netherlands to capture a consignment of gold intended to pay the Spanish armies fighting there and ensure that Britain remains the strongest superpower. As if that wasn't mission enough there are stop at nothing pirates, brutal soldiers and strict religions to contend with. A stunning interweaving of dramatic action, authentic period detail, historical personalities and technological gadgetry, gory battles and spying. Cleverly set against the backdrop of Shakespeare's plays, this is absolutely unmissable, highly visual and highly addictive writing.

Macmillan · 9780330454216


Philip Caveney, The Eye of the Serpent

Philip Caveney

The Eye of the Serpent
(Alec Devlin)

When Sir William and his assistant open an ancient Egyptian tomb in the Valley of the Kings they unleash a curse which devastates the lives of both. Called in to investigate, 15-year-old Alec must defeat all manner of rabid creatures, mummies and long dead spirits in this genuinely creepy historical fantasy.

Red Fox · 9781862306080

Eoin Colfer, Airman

Eoin Colfer

AirmanAudio version available

Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit and branded a traitor, Connor knows he only has one way out. He must win the race for flight if he is ever to see his family again or claim his princess. High adventure and daredevil action mixed with fantasy and humour set against a Victorian backdrop make for an impressive read.

Puffin · 9780141322216


Franzeska G Ewart, Bima and the Water of Life

Franzeska G Ewart

Bima and the Water of LifeSuitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

A well-told Indian story about Bima and his quest to find the water of life, part of the Reloaded series of classic stories and myths full of heroes and villains, evil, courage and magic for 10-14s, reading age 8.

Barrington Stoke · 9781842995099

Julia Golding, The Chimera's Curse

Julia Golding

The Chimera's Curse
(Companions Quartet Book 4)
Suitable for 11-13s

Her strength sapped after being attacked on Dartmoor by a chimera, Connie Lionheart is easy prey for the evil shapeshifter, Kullervo. He will stop at nothing to take her power and, with the mythical beasts behind him, plans to obliterate humanity. Connie has to fight back. Environmental issues and our own personal responsibility to make a difference meet Arthurian legend in this imaginative twist on the traditional good versus evil fantasy story, excitingly told.

OUP · 9780192754639


Lian Hearn, Heaven's Net is Wide

Lian Hearn

Heaven's Net is Wide
(Tales of the Otori)
Suitable for 13-14+ Mature content Audio version available

A captivating prequel to the original Otori saga set in mythical medieval Japan which fills in the back stories of the characters and explains the dynasties struggles which took place before the saga opens. Warlords and warriors, assassins, death threats and terrible battles abound in an evocative and vivid historical fantasy which explores big themes of revenge, betrayal, honour, loyalty and love.

Picador · 9780330447454


James A Owen, Search for the Red Dragon

James A Owen

Search for the Red Dragon
(Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica)

In 1917 a professor was murdered because of a very special book, the Imaginarium Geographica, which maps the worlds of myth and legend, folk and fairytale. One of his students was given the atlas for safekeeping and, knowing that his own life too must now be in danger, he set off with two companions on a ship to the Archipelago of Dreams. Nine years later a villain is kidnapping children here and the dragonships which crossed between the real and fantasy worlds have disappeared so the three boys are called back into action. Peter Pan, the Pied Piper, Jason and Medea all make clever cameo appearances in this imaginative fantasy adventure, the second in the series.

Simon & Schuster · 9781847382160


Philip Reeve, Here Lies Arthur

Philip Reeve

Here Lies Arthur

Myrddin is a renowned bard; a conman, a traveller and a teller of tales. His sidekick Gwyna is just a small mouse of a girl but with Myrddin's transforming power she becomes a warrior, a spy or a goddess. Maybe Myrddin's magic is powerful enough to turn a warband leader into the greatest hero of all time?
This is a miniature masterpiece; at once a sparkling and emotionally engaging reimagining of how the legend of King Arthur might really have been created, a clever historical detective fiction and a superbly crafted tale about the immense power of story.

Scholastic · 9781407111131


Philip Reeve, Mothstorm

Philip Reeve

Suitable for 11-13s

Larklight is a huge and sprawling Victorian mansion where Arthur (Art) Mumbleby lives with his father, Reverend Marmaduke and his intensely irritating little sister, Myrtle - and it just happens to be travelling through space. In the third story in the series the wild and wacky family travel to a planet in the remote reaches of outer space to rescue the Cruets from an ominous, incoming cloud and to save the universe.
A completely original and fantastical Victorian space adventure told with panache and highly entertaining period jokes.

Bloomsbury · 9780747594161


Angie Sage, Queste

Angie Sage

(Septimus Heap)
Suitable for 11-13s

More alchemy and dark adventure as seventh son of a seventh son, Septimus Heap, joins forces with an ancient alchemist to try to journey to a place where all time meets to free Nicko and Snorri who have been trapped back in time. An original and very funny, fantasical series packed with wacky characters, wit and wizardry and impossible to stop reading. Short chapters and illustrations add to the appeal.

Bloomsbury · 9780747594147


Marcus Sedgwick, The Kiss of Death

Marcus Sedgwick

The Kiss of Death

Many years after My Swordhand is Singing, Peter is still searching for the Shadow Queen, this time along the canalways of Venice where she is amassing an army of Undead for a final confrontation. The secrets surrounding Marko and Sorrel's fathers and a missing tiara are also skillfully revealed. Nothing fascinates like the vampire myth and with its bleak landscapes, 18th century setting, shadowy Venetian backdrop and lyrical language painting vivid pictures this is a well-judged, tautly written tale which pulls the reader in with a vice-like grip. Chilling even before the dead come to life, classy and understated, with genuinely tense and scary moments it is gothic horror writing at its best.

Orion · 9781842556894


Matthew Skelton, Endymion Spring

Matthew Skelton

Endymion Spring

In present day Oxford, Blake finds an ancient book of dragon skin in the college library and strange and dangerous things start happening to him. As he looks, words appear on its pages meant only for him. The book binds him inextricably to a printer's devil with the name of Endymion Spring working for Gutenberg in the 15th century, as printing was becoming widespread. This is no ordinary book however, for the secret of all knowledge is held within its pages. Switching cleverly between the centuries, this is both an intriguing story of real history and a modern mystery.

Puffin · 9780141320342

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