Diary of a Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

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Peter Abrahams, Into the Dark

Peter Abrahams

Into the Dark
(Echo Falls Mystery)
Suitable for 11-13s

Crime fiction with a difference by Stephen King's favourite writer starring 13-year-old supersleuth Ingrid Levin-Hill in which the clues are cunningly revealed to the reader before the protagonist. In this latest case Ingrid discovers a body in the snow and her grandfather is accused of the murder. In digging deeper to prove his innocence Ingrid uncovers long-hidden community and family secrets. Ingrid is a superbly realized heroine; just the sort of smart, funny, courageous character girls will want more of.

Walker · 9781406300307

Anne Cassidy, The Bone Room

Anne Cassidy

The Bone RoomSuitable for 13-14+ Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Paul and Lulu are desperate to find out the truth about the Bone Room but find themselves plunged into terrible danger and a mystery involving drugs and people smuggling. A gripping read for 13+ readers with a reading age of 8 by an accomplished and award-winning crime writer.

Barrington Stoke · 9781842994498

Simon Cheshire, The Hangman's Lair and Other Case Files

Simon Cheshire

The Hangman's Lair and Other Case Files
(Saxby Smart: Private Detective)
Suitable for 11-13s

Saxby Smart, private detective, takes on cases from his fellow pupils at school and solves them all from his garden shed. Here he must outwit a local gang, retrieve a stolen diary and unmask a stage medium. In these detective stories with a twist Saxby cleverly unearths the clues and gives readers a chance to turn detective, solving the mystery for themselves.

Piccadilly Press · 9781853409943

Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin, Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel

Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin

Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel 

Visually stunning and highly sophisticated this graphic version of Artemis Fowl captures all of the wit, action and ingenuity of the original story bringing the criminal teenage mastermind to a whole new readership.

Puffin · 9780141322964



Eoin Colfer, Half Moon Investigations

Eoin Colfer

Half Moon Investigations

Fletcher Moon may be half-size and still at school but that doesn't stop him being a fully qualified detective called in to crack many a petty crime that others can't. In this particular schoolyard investigation Fletcher, working for a pink and sparkly Barbie girl, finds himself kidnapped by the chief suspect, framed for fire-starting, flees custody with a known criminal and stars in the school talent show. The internal monologues running in Fletcher's head as he pieces together his evidence are ingenious. Every bit as well drawn as Artemis, Fletcher is definitely a character to watch out for in future.

Puffin · 9780141320809



Joshua Doder, Grk Smells a Rat

Joshua Doder

Grk Smells a RatSuitable for 11-13s

This adventure sees schoolboy detective Tim and his crazy canine side-kick Grk in Delhi caught up in a publishing racket which involves children working as slaves. Despite the dangers lurking at every turn, the dynamic duo are determined to bring the criminals to justice. An ideal easy read series for action adventure fans who like something just a little bit different.

Andersen Press · 9781842706602


Jamila Gavin, The Robber Baron's Daughter

Jamila Gavin

The Robber Baron's Daughter

Nettie lives a pampered, privileged, almost perfect life, but her world shatters with the mysterious disappearance of her tutor Miss Kovachev and the revelation of some dark family secrets in this page-turning mystery, superbly told.

Egmont · 9781405242936

Anthony Horowitz, The Greek who Stole Christmas

Anthony Horowitz

The Greek who Stole Christmas
(Diamond Brothers)
Suitable for 11-13s

Tim and his younger brother Nick, 'the world's most defective detectives', are called in to investigate death threats made to Minerva, pop singer and movie actress, in this latest case for the indefatigable Diamond Brothers. The trouble is she seems to have so many enemies, including Santa, it's difficult to know just who is out to kill her. She also has a soft spot for Tim which does make it difficult for him to keep his mind on the case. A pacy, detective spoof guaranteed to keep you reading.

Walker · 9781406304855


Karen King, Dognapped!

Karen King

(Amy Carter Mysteries)
Suitable for 11-13s

When a prize-winning dog goes missing it's up to new girl detective Amy Carter to get her Gran's dog back safe and sound. Readers help solve the mystery alongside her by downloading free podcast clues to help piece together the evidence and try to solve the case.

Top That! · 9781846666032

Jennifer McMahon, Promise Not to Tell

Jennifer McMahon

Promise Not to TellSuitable for 13-14+

Kate's best friend was brutally killed as a child, her killer never brought to justice. On the night Kate returns home many years later when her mother becomes ill with Alzheimer's another child is horrifically killed. Memories come flooding back and Kate's past comes back to haunt her. This dark, disturbing, don't read it at night ghost story with a difference constantly takes you by surprise.

Orion · 9780752882987


Catherine MacPhail, Ride of Death

Catherine MacPhail

Ride of Death
(Nemesis 4)

The final crime thriller of this tense, tautly-written and edgy quartet sees Ram finally hunted down by his nemesis, the Dark Man for a final confrontation. Waking up with no memory of who he is or what has happened to him, Ram is sure only that time is running out for everyone. MacPhail cleverly lets the reader into Ram's head, solving the mystery alongside him. Fast-paced chapters, snappy time frame, exciting cliffhanger chapter endings and a quick-thinking, tackle-anything hero boys will all want to be.

Bloomsbury · 9780747582717


Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons


Set in an alternate America in the 1980s with the world on the brink of nuclear war, superheroes have been outlawed by the government. When one of their number is suspiciously murdered the retired heroes are forced back into action to uncover a terrible murder plot, a conspiracy which could change the world forever. A classic comic book with dark overtones.

Titan Books · 9781852860240

Antonio Pagliarulo, In the Club

Antonio Pagliarulo

In the Club
Suitable for 13-14+

With the school year almost at an end, the Hamilton triplets, heiresses to a multi-million dollar media empire, are planning their holiday in Capri. A murder at the opening of their latest exclusive club puts an end to their plans; fellow prep school student, Fifth Duke of Asherton, killed by a pink stiletto. The paparazzi must be silenced and the terrible crime solved in the latest case for the sassy sisters.

Red Fox · 9781862305069

Tom Palmer, Foul Play

Tom Palmer

Foul Play
(Football Detective)
Suitable for 11-13s

Obsessed with football and crime-fighting, Danny is out investigating when he spots England football hero, Sam Roberts, being bundled into the stadium late at night. Announced kidnapped the next day and held to ransom for £10,000, Danny is determined to solve the crime, but at what cost to himself? Fast-paced crime fiction with masses of football appeal for resistant readers.

Puffin · 9780141323671


Suzanne Phillips, Burn

Suzanne Phillips

BurnSuitable for 13-14+

Horrifically abused as a child and cruelly bullied by his fellow students at high school, Cameron finally snaps and commits an unthinkable crime, but just how guilty is he of his actions? What could have been done to prevent such a terrible crime? Shocking, disturbing and difficult to read, this is one of those books that feels very real but you wish it wasn't. A book to make both bullies and their victims think.

Macmillan · 9780330442299

Henry Porter, The Master of the Fallen Chairs

Henry Porter

The Master of the Fallen Chairs
(The House of Skirl)

13-year-old orphan Kim lives with his guardian, servants and tutor in a creaky, old tumbledown house, Skirl, where nothing is as it seems. One of the servant girls goes missing, then a stranger arrives in the dead of night claiming close family ties. Overflowing with murder, mystery and magic, and crackling with suspense and peopled with larger than life characters, this is the first of a new and refreshingly original fantasy adventure trilogy.

Orchard · 9781846166259

Malcolm Rose and Dave Hill, Scene of the Crime

Malcolm Rose and Dave Hill

Scene of the Crime 

Schoolgirl Amanda finds herself suspect number one in a murder hunt when police find a man's body in the railway yard. Readers have to crack this case for themselves using a diary, a crime file of evidence, interviews, CCTV footage, fingerprints and DNA testing in this ingenious, interactive forensic science mystery, perfect for CSI fans.

Kingfisher · 9780753413333

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, Legion of the Dead

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Legion of the Dead
(Barnaby Grimes)
Suitable for 11-13s

Tick-tock lad Barnaby Grimes is a regular sight around the rooftops of Dickensian London, running his errands and always on the lookout for a new crime to solve and a new horror to battle against. Here it's a legion of zombies and mysterious tinkling bells in a graveyard at dead of night. Terrific page-turning gothic horror fiction with intricately detailed illustrations.

Corgi · 9780552556262

Jenny Valentine, Broken Soup

Jenny Valentine

Broken SoupSuitable for 13-14+

Rowan is consumed with curiosity when a mysterious boy she has never met pushes a negative she didn't drop into her hand and disappears into a heaving crowd of shoppers. It is a welcome distraction from the burden of responsibilities she shoulders alone at home; caring for her little sister after her parents' difficult divorce and her mum's descent into serious depression, and it sets off a chain of events and new relationships which will help heal her broken life. Valentine is a compelling, life-affirming, thought-provoking writer who cleverly reinvents both mystery and issue-based fiction tackling important themes like loss, love and grief through the stories of characters we really care about.

HarperCollins · 9780007229659

Catherine Webb, The Doomsday Machine

Catherine Webb

The Doomsday Machine
(Horatio Lyle)

Horatio Lyle, ex-Special Constable, eccentric scientist and inventor and reluctant amateur detective, doesn't much care for the Tseiquin and everything they represent, but he can't just ignore the news of a plot to murder them. He leaps to the rescue with his reformed pickpocket sidekick Tess and wise dog Tate, little thinking of the bother he might bring upon them all. Billed by the publisher as 'Sherlock Holmes written by Terry Pratchett', these bizarre but brilliant tales are packed with action and should satisfy fans of old-fashioned adventure, the supernatural, detective and fantasy fiction.

Atom · 9781905654024

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