The Mysterious Benedict Society
by Trenton Lee Stewart

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Alan Durant, Doing the Double

Alan Durant

Doing the Double
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Identical twins Dale and Joe hatch a risky plan to change places on the day of a crucial football match. Joe's not sure he wants to help but hates the thought of letting his twin down. This is an impressively scaled-down version of the original Shades title, an achievable read for those who find reading difficult.

Evans · 9780237534479


Alan Durant, Game Boy Reloaded

Alan Durant and Sue Mason

Game Boy Reloaded
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

In this sequel to Game Boy, Mia and Zak find an old game boy in a canal. This is no ordinary game boy though, this one pulls you inside the game. When Zak vanishes it is up to Mia to save him, in a thrilling touch and go adventure. She'll need all her gaming skills to get him out of this one. Written for younger teenagers with a reading age of less than 8 in short chapters with a comic book style illustration on almost every page.

Barrington Stoke · 9781842995662


Alan Durant and Sue Mason, Stat Man

Alan Durant and Brett Hudson

Stat ManSuitable for those with reading difficulties

Arnie the football fan knows so much about football that all his friends call him the Stat Man, but just knowing about football doesn't guarantee he'll make the team for the cup final. One of a fantastic series of fiction mixed with facts for 10-14s with a reading age of 8.

Barrington Stoke · 9781842995433


Harry Edge, Spray

Harry Edge


Five very different teenagers all have very different reasons for playing an assassination game but all are united in their desire to be the last player standing, taking out the targets one by one - except they never know when they might be a target too. Only the Gamekeeper has the winning hand and he has his own agenda. The author cleverly throws the readers right into the centre of the action in the online street war, as if they were starring in their own action movie. Attractively packaged enough to appeal to reluctant boys, the characters develop their own relationships through the game play giving this edgy new thriller lots of girl appeal too.

Hodder · 9780340956144

Dan Freedman, Shoot to Win

Dan Freedman

Shoot to Win
(Jamie Johnson)
Suitable for 11-13s

Jamie lives for football so all his dreams come true when in this second book in the series, talent scouts from the top clubs are called to watch his school team play. But will the coach play fair or will Jamie miss his chance of fame? Perfect for coaxing younger football fans into books.

Scholastic · 9781407102948

Michael Hardcastle, My Brother's a Keeper

Michael Hardcastle

My Brother's a Keeper
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

When the football team's goalkeeper is out of action Carlo suggests his new stepbrother for the position, even though he doesn't always perform that well under pressure or when he's being watched. Will he hold it together for the final or has Carlo made a bad mistake? One of a series of strong stories in a comic strip format specially designed for resistant readers.

A & C Black · 9780713686289

David James, Cup Final Day

David James

Cup Final DaySuitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

One of an exciting new, five level, football-themed series to motivate and build reading stamina in those with low reading ages, this is a goal eye account of the FA Cup Final of 2008 at Wembley written by Portsmouth goalie David James.

Ransom · 9781841679600

Rune Michaels, Genesis Alpha

Rune Michaels

Genesis AlphaSuitable for 13-14+

Josh wants to grow up to be just like his older brother Max. They're particularly close since Josh was a designer baby, born so his stem cells could save his brother's life. Both share a passion for game playing, particularly Genesis Alpha. Josh's life is shattered when Max is accused of a brutal murder and the dead girl's sister claims to be able to prove his guilt through their favourite game. What's worse is that if it hadn't been for Josh saving Max's life the murder would never have happened. Is he guilty too and how will he himself turn out? This emotional, intriguing and intelligent thriller explores complex ethics and issues at the cutting edge of science, the moral dilemmas and the nature of evil. It's compelling stuff.

Simon & Schuster · 9781847381279

Garth Nix, Superior Saturday

Garth Nix

Superior Saturday
(Keys to the Kingdom)
Suitable for 11-13s

The sixth in the series, each taking its name from a day of the week, sees anti-hero Arthur Penhaligon's adventures becoming suddenly more challenging than ever as he finally encounters the evil sorceress.
Powerful enemies, terrifying new challenges and exuberant writing ensure this surreal, high energy fantasy adventure series retains its popularity. Perfect for computer games fans.

HarperCollins · 9780007175116


David Orme, Formula One

David Orme

Formula One
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

A winning combination of fact and fiction for struggling readers, reading age 5-8. The highly visual first half of each book presents the facts clearly (all you need to know to become the number one racing driver). It cleverly introduces the carefully limited vocabulary needed for the story in the second half (the mystery man who manages to beat the fastest driver in the world). Each story is told using simple vocabulary on the left hand page while speech bubbles and captions further break down the action on the right. Ingenious - and it works!

Ransom · 9781841674285

Mal Peet, Exposure

Mal Peet

ExposureSuitable for 13-14+

Otello is a hugely talented footballer for a top South American team, a national hero, massively monied, married to the gorgeous pop star Desmerelda. When he signs a sensational club transfer deal he hits the headlines, but such exposure also leaves him open to other, more deadly accusations.
Football almost takes a backseat in this third book about the top sports journalist Faustino. Peet pushes out all the boundaries here, creating a breathtakingly clever updating of Othello, a cutting indictment of celebrity culture, football wealth and corruption, politics, homelessness and the power of the media to make and break reputations, but above all a compulsively readable story.

Walker · 9781406306491


Bali Rai, Dream On

Bali Rai

Dream OnSuitable for those with reading difficulties

Baljit is mad about football and dreams of playing for Liverpool. His family make him work in his dad's chippy instead of going out to practice so when invited for professional trials he lies about where he's going. He wins his Liverpool place and now has to come clean to his parents. A realistic and readable story about prejudice, ambition, family tradition and friendship. Warmly written and witty, it has a reading level of 8 and interest level of 12+.

Barrington Stoke · 9781842991954


Bali Rai, Missing!

Bali Rai

(Soccer Squad)
Suitable for 11-13s

The Reds are back. They were once the best football players in the school but now they're missing chances and penalties and look set to lose their place on the team unless they come up with a plan. Can a team building day help them head for the top? Fast-paced football action to kick start reading from an author who really understands how young people tick.

Red Fox · 9781862306554


Robert Rigby, Living the Dream

Robert Rigby

Living the Dream
(Goal 2)

Having made it in UK Premier League football as a midfielder for Newcastle United the hugely talented Santiago now signs for world-class dream-team Real Madrid, playing alongside Ronaldo, Beckham and Raul. European football and the Championship league is a whole different ball game though with new pressures on and off the pitch; fighting all the time for a place in the squad, keeping your feet on the ground and staying loyal to your girlfriend back home. An exciting and involving sequel which conveys all the power and passion of the beautiful game while looking behind the glitz and glamour of the celebrity football lifestyle at the frustration and commitment needed to get to the top.

Corgi · 9780552554084

Rick Riordan, The Maze of Bones

Rick Riordan

The Maze of Bones
(The 39 Clues)
Suitable for 11-13s

This title contains removable game cards which may make it unsuitable for library use

Grandma Grace chooses not to leave a will; instead each of her family can take a million dollars or follow clues on a quest to become the most powerful person in the world. Orphaned grandchildren Dan and Amy take the challenge and start gathering the 39 clues hidden around the world down through history. Readers can join in their quest by reading the ten books in the series, collecting the game cards, deciphering clues, codebreaking and acquiring skills online to win real life prizes. An involving, interactive, integrated multi-media adventure which will prove a winning combination and create new readers.

Scholastic · 9780545060394



Dave Spurdens, The Struggle for Success

Dave Spurdens

The Struggle for Success
(Bridgewood High F C)
Suitable for 11-13s

Bridgewood High team got off to a good start but they're struggling now to make their mark on the Premier League. Have they really got what it takes to stick with it through the downs as well as the ups? An exciting new series from multi-platform publisher, Quest, which combines football action with the issues affecting the lives of the main characters and with an added extra in the form of a website which allows readers to track the progress of the team through the season with fixture reports, league tables and cup draws.

Top That! Publishing/Quest · 9781846666971


Jonny Zucker

Chase of Death
(Rex Jones)
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Rex Jones is an action adventure superhero who stars in short, fast-paced thrillers for struggling readers, reading age six and a half to seven. In this outing, Rex finds himself driving in a real-life video game, not just to win but to save his life. Exciting enough to pull in the most reluctant reader with the lowest attention span. Also available in packs of six for guided reading.

Badger Publishing · 9781844246052

Jonny Zucker

Skateboard Power
(Dark Flight)
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

A tense adventure which sees Nick's chances of winning the skateboarding competition ruined thanks to Dan the bully… unless he can find a way to get his own back. Similar in style and design to the other hi-lo Flight series from Badger, Dark Flight has particular boy appeal, skilfully catering for a lower reading age (six and a half to seven) but higher interest range (ten to fourteen).

Badger Publishing · 9781844244874

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