The Resistance
by Gemma Malley

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Michael Carroll, Absolute Power

Michael Carroll

Absolute Power
(New Heroes)

Once all the superheroes in the world were wiped out. Colin is still reeling from the shock of discovering his parents were part of those world famous superheroes. He is coming to terms with his own inherited superpowers and those of his best friends when the media pick up their story and force the teenagers into hiding in Sakkara, a strange place with secrets of its own. Deciding whether to use his powers for good or evil is vital, especially when confronted with the evil Victor Cross who in this latest in the series seems be acting very strangely indeed. Carroll's highly visual and spare writing style make this the perfect series for leading comic book fans into fiction.

HarperCollins · 9780007210947

Andrew Cope and James de la Rue, Superbrain

Andrew Cope and James de la Rue

(Spy Dog)
Suitable for 11-13s

Lara, the special agent dog bred and highly trained by the British Secret Service, is back on another dangerous mission. This time she's sniffing out a group of power-crazed Headteachers seeking the final ingredient for a secret formula which will make their school the best in the world. All they need is a child's brain. Can Lara save the day - and the child?
A wild and wacky spy story with hilariously witty illustrations to develop reading confidence and keep the pages turning.

Puffin · 9780141322445

Joe Craig, Power

Joe Craig

(Jimmy Coates)

The latest high-speed adventure sees Jimmy, part-boy part-genetically programmed killing machine still on the run from NJ7, who use him for their most terrifying government missions. This time his country is under attack, his government is out to get him and his own mysterious powers seem to be failing. Might time be running out for Jimmy and just how far will some people go for power?
Packed full of shocks and surprises, high-octane action sequences, constant dangers and nearmiss escapes from death, this is an at-a-sitting read for Bond and Rider fans everywhere. With bags of film potential this is by far the best Jimmy Coates yet.

HarperCollins · 9780007277308



Stephen Davies, The Yellowcake Conspiracy

Stephen Davies

The Yellowcake Conspiracy

Someone is trafficking yellowcake, the main ingredient in the production of nuclear bombs and the Director of the uranium mine in Niger is murdered. As spy in the service of the French government,
14-year-old Haroun must infiltrate and stop the yellowcake falling into enemy and deadly hands. Potentially complex themes; nuclear war, terrorism and globalization are brilliantly handled here in an exciting thrill-a-page adventure to keep kids hooked.

Andersen Press · 9781842706749


David Gilman, Ice Claw

David Gilman

Ice Claw
(Danger Zone)

A second heart-stopping adventure for Max Gordon who finds himself wanted for murder when he witnesses a mysterious Basque monk plummet to his death. As he falls he cries out a cryptic clue foretelling an ecological event set to kill millions in Europe. Desperate to clear his name, keep his freedom and save a continent, life has never been tougher for Max.
Death defying action scenes, a pacy narrative and spaghetti of plot twists ensure this adventure series stands out from the rest. Even Alex Rider is no match for Max as he fights environmental meltdown.

Puffin · 9780141323039


Julia Golding, Empty Quarter

Julia Golding

Empty QuarterSuitable for 11-13s

Darcie Lock is sent on a Mediterranean cruise for spoilt little rich kids by her grandfather to spy on the President's wild child daughter. Caught up in a kidnap plot by Egyptian terrorists and left for dead in the desert, Darcie needs all her wit and ingenuity if she is to survive and rescue the kidnapped children. Double crossings, terrorists, kidnappings, ninjas, exotic locations, espionage and a feisty, formidable heroine from a prolific and versatile author.

Egmont · 9781405228190


Carol Hedges, Dead Man Talking

Carol Hedges

Dead Man Talking
(Spy Girl)
Suitable for 11-13s

Aspiring spy girl Jazmin is back, this time holidaying in Venice with her mother, an MI6 secret agent, when she stumbles upon the missing link between trafficked antiques in the shady Venetian underworld and a body found hanging from London Bridge... With its futuristic setting and heroines who rely on their wits rather than a set of far-fetched, high-tech gadgets, this is a fast-paced jigsaw puzzle of a book which will have you racing through the pages to piece together the clues before Jaszmin. Nancy Drew for a new generation of readers and just as addictive.

Usborne · 9780746078341

Jack Higgins and Justin Richards, Death Run

Jack Higgins and Justin Richards

Death Run
(Chance Twins)
Suitable for 11-13s

A holiday of a lifetime for the twins Rich and Jade is in fact an elaborate cover for their father's business as master spy for the British Government. The bad guys won't be defeated so easily and soon Rich is kidnapped too, leaving the twins to rely on their wits and ingenuity to escape.
The Chance Twins are a surefire hit with boys; pacy, unpredictable, precisely written with lots of detail they grip from first page to last and provide a perfect introduction to Higgins' adult thrillers.

HarperCollins · 9780007257324

Charlie Higson, By Royal Command

Charlie Higson

By Royal Command
(Young Bond)
Audio version available

Although Bond junior claims he wants a quiet life he soon finds himself recovering in a Swiss clinic after saving the life of a friend, meeting royalty and being visited by the Russian secret service at school. Before you know it, young Bond is in the thick of a plot threatening King and country and deploying all his mental skill and tenacity to outwit his rivals as the threat of world war looms. Less gory than preceding books in the series and with a good deal of love interest, this is every bit as fast-paced and furious and a fabulous, edge of the seat introduction to the Fleming originals.

Puffin · 9780141322056

Jill Marshall, Spy in the Sky

Jill Marshall

Spy in the Sky
(Jane Blonde)
Suitable for 11-13s

Always ready for action, girl genius and sensational spylet Jane Blonde is back for another incredible investigation. This time she's sky-diving but soon finds herself under attack by a flock of very strange creatures who try to force her back to earth. Bursting with gadgets, fast-paced action and coded messages, every young girl reader secretly wants to be Jane Blonde!

Macmillan · 9780330458122

Kirsten Miller, The Empress's Tomb

Kirsten Miller

The Empress's Tomb
(Kiki Strike)
Suitable for 13-14+

Who knew that underground from the sinkholes of New York City's streets lies a sinister underworld protected by a superspy - Kiki Strike - and her group of Irregulars? Now the girls are back to finish mapping the city, battle all kinds of evil, hunt out gangsters, track down the giant highly trained, deadly squirrels and hungry ghosts using their own special skills - but at what cost to their friendship? An intense and inventive, closely-knit action adventure with sophisticated packaging - Kiki Strike will soon have a real cult following.

Bloomsbury · 9780747589617


Robert Muchamore, The General

Robert Muchamore

The General
Suitable for 13-14+

Cherub adventure number 10 sees the child secret agents heading off to the deserts near Las Vegas to take part in the biggest and best war game ever against an entire American battalion. Muchamore creates characters who are so real they could almost be some of your friends, but they have grown up with each title in the series so the later books should be handled with care at KS3. Don't let that put you off, these are real winners in the boys' reading stakes; adrenaline-fuelled, all-action, absolutely compelling spy stories, the kind of books boys even force their friends to read.

Hodder · 9780340931844


Gary Murray, Venom Rising

Gary Murray

Venom Rising
(Global Intelligence Organisation)

Major Jack Strong is on a mission to stop an evil organization detonating a bomb and documents his findings in this book. The reader is tasked to work alongside him, using these notes to take over and complete the mission online, cracking codes and piecing clues together to save the world in an exciting new reading concept from multi-platform publisher, Quest.

Top That! Publishing/Quest · 9781846666018


Various, Spies and Gadgets


Spies and Gadgets
Suitable for 13-14+ Suitable for those with reading difficulties

One of a brilliant series guaranteed to motivate older boys with reading difficulties because of its up-to-the-minute, intrinsically interesting themes. Featuring a winning mix of illustrated short story and fact-packed, colour photo-filled, magazine-style information section this particular title reveals all about famous spies, the top spy gadgets and the best spy movies.

Rising Stars · 9781846800481

Lee Weatherly, Watcher

Lee Weatherly

WatcherSuitable for 13-14+ Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Although Sarah's mum walked out of her life seven years ago and wants nothing more to do with her she only lives a few miles away so Sarah can still see her. Sarah is watching and she's not prepared to let her mum get away with walking away. A sinister and moving psychological thriller crammed into only a few exciting pages for 13-16s, reading age 8.

Barrington Stoke · 9781842994757

E L Young, The Viper Club

E L Young

The Viper Club

Will Knight's amazing talent for inventing technogadgets leads to an invitation to join the secret organisation STORM, set up by a 14-year-old software billionaire whose other members are an astro-physicist and a chemistry genius with a talent for explosions. Here the teenagers uncover a crazy challenge set by the crime lord of the Shanghai underworld - to create three methods of undetectable murder for a $100 million dollar prize. It really is a matter of life or death this time. Original and exciting writing.

Macmillan · 9780330454162

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