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Author: Julia Golding

Julia Golding, Empty Quarter

Julia Golding

Empty QuarterSuitable for 11-13s

Darcie Lock is sent on a Mediterranean cruise for spoilt little rich kids by her grandfather to spy on the President's wild child daughter. Caught up in a kidnap plot by Egyptian terrorists and left for dead in the desert, Darcie needs all her wit and ingenuity if she is to survive and rescue the kidnapped children. Double crossings, terrorists, kidnappings, ninjas, exotic locations, espionage and a feisty, formidable heroine from a prolific and versatile author.

Egmont · 9781405228190


Julia Golding, The Chimera's Curse

Julia Golding

The Chimera's Curse
(Companions Quartet Book 4)
Suitable for 11-13s

Her strength sapped after being attacked on Dartmoor by a chimera, Connie Lionheart is easy prey for the evil shapeshifter, Kullervo. He will stop at nothing to take her power and, with the mythical beasts behind him, plans to obliterate humanity. Connie has to fight back. Environmental issues and our own personal responsibility to make a difference meet Arthurian legend in this imaginative twist on the traditional good versus evil fantasy story, excitingly told.

OUP · 9780192754639


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