The Way of the Warrior
by Chris Bradford

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Various, Behind the Scenes: Fashion


Behind the Scenes: Fashion
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

One of a series of hi-lo books for struggling readers which uses contemporary topics and popular culture to enable teenagers to plug back into reading. A short illustrated story connects to supporting magazine style information pages packed with colour photographs and appropriate captions.

Rising Stars · 9781846800443

Various, Do Not Open


Do Not Open

An irresistible and visually exciting encyclopedia of the world's best kept secrets, unsolved mysteries and most controversial theories. Find out the truth about crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle, the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci numbers and Jack the Ripper by navigating your own path through the pages and cross references. Easy to dip in and out of at leisure but informative enough to learn something from too.

Dorling Kindersley · 9781405322072

Various, Spies and Gadgets


Spies and Gadgets
Suitable for 13-14+ Suitable for those with reading difficulties

One of a brilliant series guaranteed to motivate older boys with reading difficulties because of its up-to-the-minute, intrinsically interesting themes. Featuring a winning mix of illustrated short story and fact-packed, colour photo-filled, magazine-style information section this particular title reveals all about famous spies, the top spy gadgets and the best spy movies.

Rising Stars · 9781846800481

Various, Wow!



Described as the 'ultimate reference experience' DK take conventional encyclopedic categories but present the essential information in a series of unusual photographic galleries all explained in just the right amount of detail to engage and inform. Thoroughly-researched, mind-expanding and bursting with 'wow' factor.

Dorling Kindersley · 9781405322485

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