It All Went Horribly Wrong
by Simon Page and Mark Warner

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Author: Dominic Barker

Dominic Barker, The Boy Who Set Sail on a Questionable Quest

Dominic Barker

The Boy Who Set Sail on a Questionable Quest
(Blart 3)
Suitable for 11-13s

Anti-hero Blart's peace is disrupted once again when he is called to rescue a damsel in distress, kidnapped by the man who wants to marry her. Hindered rather than helped by his companions, Olaf the Innocent and Kupverstich the Strange, Blart battles a giant, deformed octopus, cut-throat pirates and the Guild of Assassins who are out to kill him.
A Shrek-like parody of swords and sorcery fantasy with larger than life characters, off the wall, laugh-out loud humour and delicious verbal invention.

Bloomsbury · 9780747593577

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