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by Julia Golding

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Author: Theresa Breslin

Theresa Breslin, The Medici Seal

Theresa Breslin

The Medici SealSuitable for 13-14+

Pursued by a brigand with murder in mind, rescued from drowning and apprenticed to the great da Vinci, young Matteo witnesses some fabulously creative and boundary-breaking work, but he also harbours a secret that da Vinci's employer, Cesare Borgia, and the Medicis would, literally, kill for. Well-researched and full of murder, doublecrossing and intrigue, this is a gripping historical thriller which offers a fabulous insight into da Vinci's mind and world.

Corgi · 9780552554473


Theresa Breslin, The Nostradamus Prophecy

Theresa Breslin

The Nostradamus ProphecySuitable for 13-14+

A stunningly evocative story of soothsayers and seers, plots and poisons set in the turbulent times of late 16th century France, a time when the young King Charles ridicules Nostradamus' warning of massacre made to the French court, although his mother warns him to be wary. The minstrel's daughter, Melisande, also receives a message and evil does indeed befall her family. As Nostradamus' death approaches he leaves some important parchments to Melisande which will determine the French royal line - if she has the courage to use them.

Corgi · 9780552557214


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