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by Anne Cassidy

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Author: Tim Bowler

Tim Bowler, Bloodchild

Tim Bowler

BloodchildSuitable for 13-14+

Found lying in an alleyway after an accident, Will survives but is without his memory. Haunted by night visions, approached by hostile strangers and pursued by a small child with a story to share…the new Will senses a secret but struggles to discover the nature of the danger hiding in the town. Merging slowbuilding suspense with hints of the supernatural and a compelling plotline Bowler once more creates a spine-tingling psychological thriller shot through with important messages about fitting in and conforming to your peer group.

OUP · 9780192728715

Tim Bowler, Closing In

Tim Bowler

Closing In
Suitable for 13-14+

In the second in this perfectly-pitched, streetwise series Becky has left her gang to be with Blade, but the pair are on the run now that the gang believe Blade and Becky are responsible for the death of their leader. Escape seems impossible given the gang rule especially with 3-year-old Jaz tagging along. Bowler has it spot on for teenagers who don't necessarily read by choice, offering short thrillers packed with action shown through the eyes of an arresting narrator. This is very real fiction with very real appeal from a crafty storyteller who never shortchanges in the storystakes.

OUP · 9780192754851


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