Odin's Son
by Susan Price

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Author: Justin Somper

Justin Somper, Blood Captain

Justin Somper

Blood Captain

Orphaned twins Conor and Grace took to a life of piracy after a shipwreck, Conor on a pirate ship and Grace with the vampirates. In this the third book in the series the pair continue on their separate paths but danger comes in new forms, more evil and more terrifying than ever before...
Set five hundred years in the future this is a breathtakingly original twist on the currently fashionable pirate theme with a swashbuckling start, an exciting finale and many deadly duels and bloody battles in between. Pacy action, short chapters and plenty of edge of the seat cliffhanger chapter endings make the whole series hugely readable. This third imaginative installment has more danger and more spectacular action than ever before, a new evil villain and a vampirate guru.

Simon & Schuster · 9781416901020


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