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Author: Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman, Coraline: The Graphic Novel

Neil Gaiman

Coraline: The Graphic NovelAudio version available

Teenager with attitude Coraline is bored to tears with her mundane existence until one day she finds a secret corridor behind a locked door, a corridor that takes her into a house very similar to her own with similar but much more sinister parents. Soon she is drawn into a fight to ensure her very survival. This is an up to the minute interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story, stunningly reinterpreted here in graphic novel format to heighten the chilling fear factor, the kind of book where you turn the last page then start reading all over again.

Bloomsbury · 9780747594062



Neil Gaiman, Mirrormask

Neil Gaiman

MirrormaskSuitable for 13-14+

Helena is born to a family of circus performers and longs to join the real world. One fateful day she wakes up to find herself in a dreamworld inhabited by a myriad of weird and wonderful creatures and about to embark on a journey…
Told through a mesmerizing and dizzying mix of art from the film; stills, sketches and striking images this is a challenging fantasy story in content and format, as visually stunning as it is scary. A book to challenge perceptions of reading.

Bloomsbury · 9780747599869



Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard BookAudio version available

Baby Bod escapes from the murderer desperate to kill his whole family and toddles into the graveyard where he is adopted by ghosts. This is the story of his growing up and learning about living among spooks and spirits, witches and werewolves, each chapter cleverly narrating every other year of his life.
Simply stunning storytelling, surreal characters, breathtaking imagination and a genuinely creepy gothic atmosphere make this another absolutely not-to-be-missed winner from Gaiman. Riddell's classic, spiky illustrations bring the characters off the page perfectly. An equally stunning adult version illustrated by Dave McKean is also available. (9780747596837)

Bloomsbury · 9780747594802


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