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Author: David Orme

David Orme, Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space

David Orme

Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space
(Boffin Boy)
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Rick Storm is an exceptionally clever, science-obsessed 14-year-old. After his father's death, Rick is determined to use his scientific skills to fight evil, here in the shape of invaders from space. A cleverly conceived manga style series of adventures designed for struggling readers age 9-14 with a reading age of 6-7. Future series will have a reading age 8-9 but good use of speech bubbles and the attractive manga artwork guarantees these books wider appeal, drawing the reader into the story.

Ransom · 9781841676135


David Orme, Formula One

David Orme

Formula One
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

A winning combination of fact and fiction for struggling readers, reading age 5-8. The highly visual first half of each book presents the facts clearly (all you need to know to become the number one racing driver). It cleverly introduces the carefully limited vocabulary needed for the story in the second half (the mystery man who manages to beat the fastest driver in the world). Each story is told using simple vocabulary on the left hand page while speech bubbles and captions further break down the action on the right. Ingenious - and it works!

Ransom · 9781841674285

David Orme

Space Plague
(Full Flight 5)
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

The cleverly conceived highly-illustrated, interactive series for reluctant readers which makes the reader himself the hero, able to control the course of the adventure. Here you have to save the human race from the terrible space plague spreading rapidly through the universe. Also available in packs of six for group reading.

Badger Publishing · 9781846911187

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