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by Ingrid Lee

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Author: Jonny Zucker

Jonny Zucker

Chase of Death
(Rex Jones)
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Rex Jones is an action adventure superhero who stars in short, fast-paced thrillers for struggling readers, reading age six and a half to seven. In this outing, Rex finds himself driving in a real-life video game, not just to win but to save his life. Exciting enough to pull in the most reluctant reader with the lowest attention span. Also available in packs of six for guided reading.

Badger Publishing · 9781844246052

Jonny Zucker

Evil Brain Chips
(Full Flight 5)
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Imagine a world where babies have microchips in their brains which can be controlled by the evil President Fader. Can the Free Ones ever put a stop to his reign of terror? An addictive and accessible graphic novel adventure from the Full Flight 5 series for struggling readers.

Badger Publishing · 9781846911279

Jonny Zucker

Skateboard Power
(Dark Flight)
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

A tense adventure which sees Nick's chances of winning the skateboarding competition ruined thanks to Dan the bully… unless he can find a way to get his own back. Similar in style and design to the other hi-lo Flight series from Badger, Dark Flight has particular boy appeal, skilfully catering for a lower reading age (six and a half to seven) but higher interest range (ten to fourteen).

Badger Publishing · 9781844244874

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