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Author: Nicola Morgan

Nicola Morgan, Know Your Brain

Nicola Morgan

Know Your Brain

A fabulous and frequently funny book about your amazing brain, packed full of top tips for how to make it work better for you. Learn more about how your brain works, your preferred learning style and how to keep your brain fit and healthy. Featuring fun tests and quizzes and even a delicious recipe for brain cake, this is the kind of book to revolutionise your life.

Walker · 9781406304152


Nicola Morgan, The Highwayman's Curse

Nicola Morgan

The Highwayman's CurseSuitable for 13-14+

Well to do and wealthy, William has nevertheless had enough of his cruel, corrupt father and bullying brother and runs away… straight into the path of a highwayman, or rather his daughter, Bess, in disguise. The fierce, feisty and beautiful Bess shares her family's story and way of life with William. With a new danger over every page, William learns quickly to rely on himself and his wits, on the run from his family and the King's army, living rough on the bleak Yorkshire Dales stealing horses in order to survive. In this second story Will and Bess find themselves in Scotland, wrongfully accused of murder, captured by smugglers and desperate to break the cycle of religious distrust and persecution which has gripped the land for seventy years. Morgan's storytelling style is remarkable, sparing the reader none of the brutal hardship of life in an atmospheric tale flavoured with powerful and evocative Scottish dialect. It is at once gripping and gritty and stomach-churningly gruesome, retaining all of the doom and drama of the Noyes poem which inspired it.

Walker · 9781406303124


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