Sara's Face
by Melvin Burgess

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Author: Alan Gibbons

Alan Gibbons, Scared to Death

Alan Gibbons

Scared to Death
(Hell's Underground)
Suitable for 13-14+

Paul is implicated in not one but three sudden and unexplained deaths. In setting out to discover the truth behind the death spree he must explore his own demons and break a family curse. Set in the sinister Jack the Ripper territory of London's East End, this is a pageturning combination of tough, urban realism, horror and unpredictable fantasy as Paul revisits history to explain the present. A stunning and unpredictable fantasy peopled with demons, it catches the reader and constantly surprises with plot twists, turns and sudden deaths. Definitely the stuff nightmares are made of, from one of the best suspense authors around.

Orion · 9781842556665


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