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by Steve Voake

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Author: Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz, Necropolis

Anthony Horowitz

(Power of Five)
Audio version available

The fourth book in the supernatural series sees evil rampant in the world and Hong Kong transformed into Necropolis, city of the dead, running with blood and stalked by all manner of vividly described demons, ghosts and monstrous creatures. Only five children have the power to save it. The trapped gatekeeper is their only hope.
Horowitz excels at getting inside the minds of his teenage characters and testing them to the limits. Girls will be desperate to get their hands on these thrillers too thanks to the realistically drawn female protagonist who makes an appearance in this episode.

Walker · 9781406321081


Anthony Horowitz, The Greek who Stole Christmas

Anthony Horowitz

The Greek who Stole Christmas
(Diamond Brothers)
Suitable for 11-13s

Tim and his younger brother Nick, 'the world's most defective detectives', are called in to investigate death threats made to Minerva, pop singer and movie actress, in this latest case for the indefatigable Diamond Brothers. The trouble is she seems to have so many enemies, including Santa, it's difficult to know just who is out to kill her. She also has a soft spot for Tim which does make it difficult for him to keep his mind on the case. A pacy, detective spoof guaranteed to keep you reading.

Walker · 9781406304855


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