Jackdaw Summer
by David Almond

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Author: Derek Landy

Derek Landy, Playing with Fire

Derek Landy

Playing with Fire
(Skulduggery Pleasant)
Audio version available

Stephanie's Uncle Gordon is famous for his horror fiction, but when he dies and leaves his house to
12-year-old Stephanie she soon discovers that his works of fiction were, in fact, based on all the creepy goings-on in the house. With evil forces threatening her, Stephanie finds help against the vampires and villains in the unlikely form of Skulduggery, the witty, wisecracking, singing, dancing, snappy-dressing skeleton of a dead wizard. Even dead skeletons like Skulduggery can't escape torture in this house though and that's when the battle against evil really has to begin. In this second outing everyone is out to get Valkyrie, the bungling detectives take on Baron Vengeous following his prisonbreak and investigate the outbreak of dead bodies and vampires all over Ireland. With its brilliantly drawn bad guys, dark Horowitz style humour and thrill a page plot, boys will never have read anything like this before.

HarperCollins · 9780007257058


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