Fruits Basket v21
by Natsuki Takaya

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Title: Operation Storm City

Joshua Mowll, Operation Storm City

Joshua Mowll

Operation Storm City
(Guild Trilogy)

Becca and Doug are thrown into another nail-biting adventure where the stakes are higher than ever when they discover documents detailing their missing parents' expedition route and the position of the fabled city Ur-Can at their old family home. Can they reach Ur-Can in time to safeguard the security of the planet and be reunited with their parents?
More documentary and travelogue than novel, Mowll tells their story through an enticing mix of diary extracts, sketches, photos, maps, newspaper clippings, cross sections of ships and all kinds of other technical information and top secret fold-outs. Turning the reader into detective, this is the ideal read for Indiana Jones fans.

Walker · 9781406311327


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