Odin's Son
by Susan Price

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Title: The Dead and the Gone

Susan Pfeffer, The Dead and the Gone

Susan Pfeffer

The Dead and the GoneSuitable for 13-14+

Tackling the same apocalyptic event as Life as We Knew It ; an asteroid hitting the moon detonating massive climate changes, this companion story moves the devastation to New York City and shows the struggle for survival through the eyes of 17-year-old Alex. Forced to be resourceful and independent beyond his years Alex also faces massive moral dilemmas. How long do you hold out hope that your parents are still alive? Who to save when food runs out? Is it ever right to rob the dead? A harrowing, haunting story which packs an emotional punch and begs the question of the reader, just what would
you do?

Marion Lloyd Books · 9781407106229

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