Game Boy Reloaded
by Alan Durant and Sue Mason

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The introduction by Alec Williams provides lots of handy tips on getting everyone reading!


6. Right from the Start

Children’s views of reading will have been heavily influenced before they reach secondary school. It may be that their primary school has had not enough books that appeal to them, and few if any role models. This is especially true of male role models - 48% of children have never been taught by a male teacher before secondary level.

Liaison with primary colleagues (e.g. transferring data about students’ reading habits, and their views on reading; sharing a visit from an author, arranging for students to visit partner schools in the summer transition term) can strengthen links at transition, and prepare you both for building on pupils’ strengths, and for catching any weaknesses early.

Amongst your other transition strategies, the public library’s Summer Reading Challenge, and in 2008 Team Read is a valuable way to keep students reading over the summer break. The ‘challenge’ aspect of the scheme, plus the accompanying stickers, badges and incentives, gives it particular boy appeal.

Make the most of the ‘Booked Up’ initiative, with events to celebrate the choosing of books, and lots of follow-up about sequels, and ‘other titles to try’.

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