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The introduction by Alec Williams provides lots of handy tips on getting everyone reading!


10. Can't parents help?

Yes! They can reinforce what you’re doing, attend events you plan, and Dads especially can model the fun of reading - even if it’s simply through magazines and newspapers. It’s important that any worry about their children doesn’t show through, but with a light touch they can show interest in what they’re reading, and help them realise that everyone’s interested in reading for fun, not just school!

  • Are parents given advice on how they can support young people’s reading, or offered sessions on choosing and sharing books with them?
  • Try ‘Lads and Dads’ projects - reading groups, reading challenges
  • Invite parents to evening events - e.g. visits by sports stars and local celebrities
  • Try a ‘Dads into School’ day. Romsey School in Hampshire invited Dads to join in a ‘make your own computer’ project - search the National Year of Reading website’s ‘WikiREADia’, under ‘Romsey’, and look for other ideas while you’re there!
  • Use your school website or VLE - have reading lists for parents to use with their children, with reader comments. Love Reading 4 Schools can help you create these, as well as getting money for more books for your school!

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