by Suzanne Phillips

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The introduction by Alec Williams provides lots of handy tips on getting everyone reading!


Everyone's Reading!

Swim the whole length of this introduction - or dive in anywhere!

Whichever place you start at, don’t forget to read the rest, afterwards...

If you have some ready money and want to order from the booklist straight away...
read Sections 2 and 3.

If you want some general ideas about promoting reading for pleasure...
read Sections 4 to 11.

If you want some specific ideas on reaching target groups...
read Sections 12 to 17 - but remember that these are less important than getting the overall ‘reading culture’ right!

If you want to know about evaluation, and further help...
read Sections 18 and 19.


  1. Everyone's Reading?
  2. What's in this book list?
  3. How should I use the list?
  4. What's so good about reading?
  5. Raising the profile of reading
  6. Right from the start
  7. Gender on the Agenda
  8. A Library Makeover?
  9. Role Models for Reading
  10. Can't parents help?
  11. Using technology
  12. Ideas to reach boys
  13. Ideas to reach girls
  14. Ideas for reluctant readers
  15. Ideas for struggling readers
  16. Ideas for EAL students
  17. Ideas for Key Stage 4/5
  18. How do I know if I've succeeded?
  19. Where else can I get help?

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