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The introduction by Alec Williams provides lots of handy tips on getting everyone reading!


Everyone's Reading!

The book gifting scheme for state-funded pupil referral units and special schools in England with pupils aged between 11 and 18 has now closed.

This latest title in the School Library Association's Riveting Reads series has been specially commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), responsible for schools in England. It aims to provide information about titles which might attract and enthuse the whole range of pupils in secondary schools to read for pleasure, and is funded by the DCSF.

The booklist is available as an online database and also as a downloadable PDF version.

The SLA is delighted to be involved with this project and hopes that it will support school librarians in the good work they are already doing and in particular in their quest to ensure that Everyone's Reading.

The Introduction

Written by Alec Williams, the Introduction provides 18 pages of comprehensive advice on how to use the booklist, general ideas about promoting reading for pleasure, how to reach specific target groups, and evaluating what you have done. We strongly recommend that you read the Introduction before you start choosing books from the list.

The Booklist

Compiled by Eileen Armstrong, the booklist itself contains around 260 titles young people from 11 to 18 will enjoy, arranged by catchy themes such as "Boggle" and "Indulge". The list contains material for boys and for girls, for reluctant and struggling readers, for students learning English as an additional language, and some titles to interest older students.

About the SLA

SLA WebsiteThe School Library Association is an independent organisation and registered charity which was founded in 1937 to promote the development of libraries in schools. Today the SLA exists to support and encourage all those working in school libraries, raising awareness and promoting good practice through an effective training and publications programme. Membership of the Association brings many benefits including an advisory/information service for national and international enquiries, an excellent quarterly reviewing journal, website resources, and reduced rates for all publications and training courses.

About the Authors

Eileen Armstrong, who wrote the list, is the school librarian at Cramlington Learning Village in Northumberland. Formerly Chair of the School Library Association, she is also the author of Fully Booked: Reader Development and the Secondary School LRC in the SLA Guidelines series and has contributed to the popular Ultimate Book and Teenage Book Guides. A regular book reviewer for the professional press, she also delivers highly interactive training courses in the UK and abroad, helping librarians and teachers enthuse students of all ages about books and create reading schools. As well as establishing the North East Book Award, she is also responsible for introducing the Kids' Lit Quiz to the UK from New Zealand and is currently UK KLQ Co-ordinator. She is the author of Riveting Reads 12-16, Riveting Reads 16-19 and Boys into Books 11-14, also published by the SLA.

Alec Williams, who wrote the introduction, has had many years' experience managing school library services in Chester, Lancashire, Calderdale and Leeds. A former SLA Chair, and an Honorary Member of CILIP's Youth Libraries Group, he now works freelance, providing training and consultancy, and is a frequent speaker at meetings and conferences: one delegate described him as "helpful, up-cheering and ideas-triggering".

Alec is also a regular visitor to schools, where his high-energy poetry and storytelling also keeps him in touch with children and their reading. "Even those 'cool' students who were not keen to be seen reading were discussing your stories and poems," said one school librarian, while students' comments have ranged from "He puts smiles on our faces" to "None could have done better!"

Alec has written articles on libraries, and on storytelling, and his work now takes him around the UK and abroad (he regularly works for the British Council, and is a member of IFLA's Reading and Literacy Section). Like you, he wants to make sure that everyone's reading...


The many people who have contributed to Everyone's Reading are thanked on the Acknowledgments page.

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